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Головатый ИИ

Belaruskali is a modern dynamically developing enterprise with many years of experience in ore mining and processing of potash salts. In a relatively short period of time, our company has gone from being the first mining pile driver to a large mining and chemical corporation with its unique technologies, innovative products and research and production cluster.

We know, if only because every fifth shipment of potash salt is carried out at the Belaruskali enterprise. Thanks to our work, the world knows more about our country.

Four main meetings began to cover Belarus: security, openness, multilateral cooperation and social protection, the main principles of the company. We value the values ​​that saturate the earth and compensate people around the world receiving quality food. The work of Belarusian potash workers makes every table generous, and our country hospitable. I invite you to Belarus, we are always glad.

Ivan Golovaty