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JSC Belaruskali is one of the world’s biggest producers and exporters of potash fertilizers. According to International Fertilizer Association it accounts for the fifth part of the world's potash production. Our products meet the highest requirements and are recognized by the highest international awards. These facts allow the Company to compete successfully with other producers and export our product to more than 90 countries. 

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Year by year JSC Belaruskali ramps up production output, retains traditional markets, gains new ones, develops and releases new products.

Disposing the sufficient natural base of raw materials, having the high production potential and highly qualified personnel the company steadily enhances the production efficiency, introduces new techniques and improves the technological processes. This activity is based on the concept of sustainable development of the potash industry of the Republic of Belarus.

JSC Belaruskali traces its history back to 1958. The Company comprises four production units, as well as auxiliary shops and service departments (transportation, power, maintenance, etc). 

Throughout the course of development history mines and processing plants of JSC Belaruskali quickly commissioned new production capacities, continuously and dynamically ramped up production, actively installed new types of equipment and introduced new mining and processing technologies and as well as expanded the range of products, improved quality and end-user performance of products.

JSC Belaruskali possesses the highest technologies on execution of major projects for construction of mining and processing plants. In the new millennium JSC Belaruskali has already built two new mines on the base of the Starobin deposit of potash salts: Krasnoslobodsky (2009) and Berezovsky (2012) mines.

In 2012 the Company started construction of the Petrykov mining and processing plant.

In 2013 JSC Belaruskali commissioned NPK plant to manufacture complex NPK-fertilizers.

In 2014 JSC Belaruskali commissioned the Chemical plant for deep complex processing of chlorine-containing mineral raw material. 

Nowadays the Company successfully uses its unique experience in Turkmenistan based on a large-scale project for the construction of the Garlyk mining and processing factory to produce potash fertilizers. On July 30, 2015 the first tonne of potash ore was extracted.

This milestone became reliable confirmation of the future long-term mutually beneficial cooperation of Belarus and Turkmenistan.