Stariobin potash salt deposit is the raw material base of JSC Blaruskali. It began to form about 350-360 million years ago, and today it is considered to be one of the world’s biggest deposits. The commercial reserves are more than 3 billion tons of raw salt, the off-balance sheet reserves amount to about 1 billion tons. JSC Belaruskali’s forecast is fully favourable as a simple mathematical calculation shows that the company is secured with reserves for decades. 

potash salt deposits

Today the main production facilities of JSC Belaruskali include six mines and four processing factories. The replenishment of ore reserves is the primary target of the current phase of the Starobin deposit development.

In the last few years the company built two new mines, thus having settled the problem of mineral resources endowment. One of the new mines – Krasnoslobodsky mine – will ensure the operation of Production Unit 3 for more than 40 years. Furthermore, the company considers the possibility to start mining its off-sheet balance resources amounting to 94 million tons. 

Berezovsky mine was commissioned more than one year ago. Its reserves were estimated at 247.5 million tons. During the construction of new mines the company implemented the latest achievements in the field of mine development. 

In recent years the company has upgraded the processing factories and replaced the out-dated equipment with new more efficient and cost-effective machinery, efficiently changed the manufacturing flow-charts and improved the production lines. 
This year JSC Belaruskali was granted a right to use the subsurface resources within the western part of the Nezhinsky plot of the Starobin deposit. The company has the possibility to mine the ore reserves of the Darasinsky plot totaling to 180 million tons. Next year JSC Belaruskali plans to start opening the 4th potash level at PU 2. 
The reserves of the 1st potash level at PUs 3 and 4 are rated as perspective for future mining. The improvement of mining and processing techniques allows JSC Belaruskali to consider the reserves located at the depth of 1000 m as the source of replenishment of the ore resources. In addition, the company started the construction of a new mining and processing plant in the territory of the Petrikovsky deposit (Gomel Region), the commercial reserves of which amount to 1.8 billion tons.