JSC Belaruskali is one of the largest mining and chemical companies in the world   which mines and processes potash salts.

Potash fertilizers with the share of 87,9% dominate in the range of JSC Belaruskali products. The other products are complex NPK-fertilizers with 2,2%; technical, fodder and edible salts amount to 9,9%.

Since 2015 the Company started to produce new types of products such as caustic potash, hydrochloric acid, sodium hypochlorite 0,01%, not belonging to the fertilizers.

At the present day the products of JSC Belaruskali are in demand on the domestic and foreign markets. Every sixth tonne of potash fertilizers across the globe is produced by JSC Belaruskali. The potash fertilizers produced by JSC Belaruskali are delivered to Europe, East Asia, and the Mediterranean countries, Africa, India, China, the South and North America - in total to more than 90 countries.

География поставок              

Delivery of goods to the consumers is performed by the sea transport via the ports located at the Baltic and Black seas, as well as by railway and automobile transport. In accordance with the developed practice, the main volume of deliveries is performed in bulk. By the consumers’ order the product may be packed in containers.